Tzarizm - Dirty Work

Name: Tzarizm - Dirty Work
Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap
Release Date: 2003
Format: mp3
Quality: 192 kbps
Size: 104 mb
Duration: 01:16:13

02.Dreamm Dwella
03.Woke Up Interlude
04.Yes to Day
05.Dirty Work
06.Lion Kingz feat. Rugged
07.Tzarizm part 1
08.Commercial Plant Interlude
09.Unpaid Here
10.Emceez Wateva feat. Illustrate
11.Veteranz Day
13.Voicemail Interlude
15.Mispoken Wordz
16.Life Maintenance feat. MS. Rie
17.Dirty Mouthz feat. Aahmean Nemo Illustrate
18.Shrink Appointment Interlude
19.Ya Worst Nitemarez feat. Kwondo and Madness
20.Here it Goez
21.Showtime Interlude
22.This Way feat. Pm and Cl Mecca
23. Ask Me
24.End of Shift Outro
25. Ahahahahahaha
26.Bonus (Voicemail) 
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