Apathy - The Black Lodge (It's The Bootleg, Muthafuckas! Vol. 4)

Name: Apathy - The Black Lodge (It's The Bootleg, Muthafuckas! Vol. 4)
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2015
Label: Dirty Version Records
Featuring: Anti Citizens; Ape; Baconomics; Big Twins (Infamous Mobb); Bishop Lamont; Blacastan; Blaq Poet; Born Unique; Celph Titled; Chris Webby; Coal; Danegurous; Diabolic; Eddie Brock (The Epixx); Esoteric; Evidence (Dilated Peoples); Filth The Enabler; Franc Grams; Freak Tha Monsta; Hayze; Ill Bill; Illiam Child; Illus; Jus Cuz; Lawrence Arnell; Locksmith; Merkules; Meta P; Motive (of Demigodz); Nino Bless; Outerspace; Planet Asia; Planetary (of Outerspace + Army Of The Pharaohs); Prime Element; Ras Kass; Roc Marciano; Ryu; Shabaam Sahdeeq; Sicknature; Slaine; Spin 4th; Suave-Ski; Suicide Kings; Swann Notty; Swollen Members; Taboo; Taiyamo Denku; Termanology; The Camp; The Doppelgangaz; Trademarc; Undu; Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks + Army Of The Pharaohs)
Producers: 5th Legend; Ant Will; Apathy; C-Lance; D-Cypha; DC The Midi Alien; DJ Force; DJ Semi; Eddie Brock; Es Nine; Gem Crates; Green Steez; ICBM; JbL The Titan; Joseph Trapanese; King Cole; Level 13; Louis Bell; MTK; Mike Shinoda; Mr. Ridley; Rob Viktum; Snowgoons; Stu Bangas; Teddy Roxpin; The Doppelgangaz; Vanderslice
Format: mp3
Quality: VBR V0 kbps
Duration: 02:38:23
Size: 254 Mb

CD 1:
01. The Black Lodge feat. Suave-Ski & Merkules (prod. by Apathy)
02. Shoot ‘Em Up feat. Motive (prod. by Apathy)
03. Treated So Bad feat. Slaine (prod. by Apathy)
04. The Dragon feat. Blacastan (prod. by Apathy)
05. Welcome To Assholeville Pt. 2 (prod. by Apathy)
06. Wolves feat. Meta P & Swann Notty (prod. by Gem Crates)
07. Tread Lightly feat. Chris Webby (prod. by DJ Semi)
08. Half Dead feat. Roc Marciano & Planet Asia (prod. by Stu Bangas & Vanderslice)
09. The Key feat. Filth The Enabler (prod. by C-Lance)
10. Louie Ain’t Dead Yet (prod. by Apathy)
11. Gotta Be The Shoes feat. Ape & Undu (prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
12. The Danger feat. Celph Titled, Esoteric & Vinnie Paz (prod. by Stu Bangas)
13. Sleep Walkin’ feat. Spin 4th (prod. by Apathy)
14. Gentlemen Needs feat. The Camp (prod. by Apathy)
15. Fat Kids feat. Blacastan & Merkules (prod. by Apathy)
16. Where The Wild Thingz R feat. Bishop Lamont (prod. by 5th Legend)
17. Plan B feat. Illus (prod. by ICBM)
18. Whole Wide World Remix feat. The Doppelgangaz (prod. by The Doppelgangaz)
19. Norman Bates feat. Taboo, Locksmith, Diabolic, Nino Bless & Coal (prod. by Level 13)
20. Black Snow 2 feat. Sicknature, Celph Titled & Ill Bill (prod. by Snowgoons)
21. Barbarian feat. Eddie Brock & Big Twins (prod. by Eddie Brock)
22. I Gotcha Back feat. Franc Grams
23. When You Need Me feat. Planetary & Vinnie Paz (prod. by JBL The Titan)
24. Effortlessly feat. Anti Citizens & Ras Kass (prod. by Mr. Ridley)

CD 2:
01. Illegal Automatics feat. Blacastan (prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
02. Vengeance feat. Esoteric, Termanology & Trademarc (prod. by DC The Midi Alien)
03. Hip Hop Dummy feat. Slaine & Bishop Lamont (prod. by Louis Bell)
04. Life Is hell feat. Hayze (prod. by Apathy)
05. Bad For Me (prod. by Apathy)
06. The Gusto feat. Alchemist, Evidence & Roc Marciano (prod. by Stu Bangas & Vanderslice)
07. I Am That feat. Freak Tha Monsta (prod. by C-Lance)
08. Colossal Beats feat. Swollen Members, Esoteric & Celph Titled (prod. by C-Lance)
09. Multisyllabus feat. Danegurous & Diabolic (prod. by C-Lance)
10. Get Ridiculous feat. Outerspace & Lawrence Arnell (prod. by MTK)
11. Machine feat. Blacastan (prod. by Stu Bangas)
12. The Bottom Line feat. Merkules & Celph Titled (prod. by Vanderslice & Green Steez)
13. The 45 Killer (prod. by DJ Force)
14. Forever feat. Illus (prod. by Apathy)
15. Cut A Check feat. Suave-Ski & Jus Cuz (prod. by Apathy)
16. Shotcallaz feat. Suicide Kings & Celph Titled (prod. by King Cole)
17. Here We Come feat. Motive & Esoteric (prod. by Apathy)
18. Easy Like Sunday feat. Born Unique & Shabaam Sahdeeq (prod. by Ant Will)
19. Do I Belong feat. Prime Element (prod. by Es Nine)
20. Good Girl, Bad Girl (prod. by Apathy)
21. Casino Royale feat. Blacastan (prod. by Stu Bangas & Vanderslice)
22. By Popular Demand feat. Illiam Child, Blaq Poet & Taiyamo Denku (prod. by D-Cypha)
23. Swine Flu Remix feat. Baconomics (prod. by Rob Viktum)
24. Suicide Music feat. Ryu (prod. by Mike Shinoda & Joseph Trapanese)     
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