Rozewood - Jinsei No Monogatari

Name: Rozewood - Jinsei No Monogatari
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2011
Format: MP3
Quality: V0
Size: 116 Mb
Duration: 01:11:45

01. Jinsei No Monogatari (Story Of My Life) (prod. by Apollo Brown)
02. You Gotta Live (prod. by Josh Lamont)
03. Letters From Persia ( Apollo Brown)
04. I Love Green (Poola's Song) (prod. by Mr Enok)
05. Big Gurlz Don't Cry (prod. by Proff Payton)
06. Step In My Dimension (prod. by Amdex)
07. Don't Try Me (prod. by Josh Lamont)
08. What's Your Poison (prod. by Amdex)
09. Atheist Christ (feat. Joe Stu & Shred TVT) (prod. by Mr Enok)
10. Prelude To A Funeral (prod. by DJ Phantom)
11. Dancing With The Devil (prod. by Josh Lamont)
12. Street Agendaz (prod. by Mr Enok)
13. Black Christ (prod. by Apollo Brown)
14. Dream On (prod. by Josh Lamont)
15. Piecez Ova Man
16. Bye Bye Okay (prod. by Josh Lamont)
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