Gore Elohim - Electric Lucifer

Name: Goretex aka Gore Elohim (Non Phixion) - Electric Lucifer
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2013
Featuring: Tragedy Khadafi, Young Dirty Bastard, Born Unique, Red Eye, Venom, Jak Tripper
Producers: Al Tarba, Beat Butcha, Junior Makhno, Gore Elohim, V-Don, Gemini Lounge, Scarcity, Moss, Beatahoe, Vic Grimes
Format: Mp3
Quality: VBR V0
Size: 145 mb
Duration: 01:17:56

01. Progress
02. Kill For Hashem
03. Skeptics Apocalypse
04. Last Days Of Humanity
05. Children Of Doom Feat. Born Unique, Red Eye & Venom
06. Lord Of Plagues
07. Food Embassy
08. The Essnece Of Putrescence
09. Inverted Churches' Feat. Jak Tripper
10. Ordination For Excorsism
11. Iron Baphomet Feat. Young Dirty Bastard
12. Late For An Early Grave
13. Crisis
14. Electric Lucifer
15. Poison The City
16. Goretorium
17. Federal Emergency Management Agency
18. Videotapes Feat. Jak Tripper
19. Ritual Abuse
20. Brown Bunny
21. Spiritual Harassment Feat. Tragedy Khadafi
22. The Dream Is Dead Feat. Young Dirty Bastard
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