Goblin Nation - The Omnipresence

Name: Goblin Nation - The Omnipresence
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2013
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 216 Мb
Duration: 01:35:43

01. Galaxy of Pain (ft. Alpha Sigma & Gore) [Beat by LX Beats] 03:35
02. The Dark Passenger (ft. Prawphit) [Beat by Michael Anaya] 03:25
03. ArchiTEXT Manifest (ft. Domes Boogie, Alpha Sigma & Assassin The General) [Beat by Corbett] 03:47
04. Drag Me to Rap (ft. Childish) [Beat by Mr. Green] 02:30
05. Stress Reliever (ft. Blacklung & Absoulut Karnage) [Beat by MetaMorph] 03:38
06. The Bizarre (ft. Ron Donson, Dr.VooDoo & Abyss) [Beat by iLLa Recon] 03:39
07. Get Dealt With (ft. Alpha Sigma, Childish & Fubar) [Beat by Beatnuts] 03:22
08. Divinity Pt. 1 (ft. General X) [Beat by B 3 N B i] 05:03
09. We Don't Care (ft. Talk-Sik, Mossferatu & General X) [Beat by Habeas Corpus] - Cuts by Danger James 05:02
10. Rotten to the Core (ft. Sadida, Fubar, Blacklung & Plex One) [Beat by Sadida] 05:10
11. The Name Is Plex One (ft. Plex One) [Beat by DJ Flipcyide] 03:24
12. Death Balances My Soul (ft. Ojae, John Steady & Domes Boogie) [Beat by Ojae] 03:44
13. Heavyweights (ft. Plex One, Astro Jones, Metafisix & Macc Trucc) [Beat by Iron Fizt] 04:13
14. Different Angles (ft. Fubar, Blacklung & Ron Donson) [Beat by Artifact] 02:43
15. Sun City Style (ft. Domes Boogie, Montana StaXxX & Assasin The General) [Beat by Anno Domini] 04:31
16. Divinity Pt. 2 (ft. General X) [Beat by B 3 N B i] 04:09
17. Lurks in the Shadows (ft. Fubar & Alpha Sigma) [Beat by Cleno Jovanni] 02:31
18. Music To Play, People To See (ft. Childish) [Beat by Phlegm Atically] 03:01
19. Battle Cry (ft. Astro Jones, Alpha Sigma, Rebel Agnostic & Diluted Thought) [Beat by Nujabes] 03:06
20. Such Horrors (ft. Fubar & Sikadelik) [Beat by Space N Veda] 03:15
21. Creed of Punishment (ft. General X & RyPa) [Beat by B 3 N B i] 05:03
22. I Don't Want It (ft. Diluted Thought, Alpha Sigma, & Astro Jiggy Jones) [Beat by Astro Jones] 03:40
23. Dragon Fists (ft. John Steady & Fubar) [Beat by Devise] 03:09
24. Mourning Rain (ft. John Steady & Rebel Agnostic) [Beat by DJ One Man Jazz] 03:27
25. Mask of the Assassins (ft. Fubar & Blacklung) [Beat by Voider-One] 03:43
26. What Do You Know (ft. John Steady) [Beat by Ericisrealmusic] 02:40
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