D-Strong - Sound in Variables

Name: D-Strong - Sound in Variables
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2014
Featuring: King RA, Wildelux, Aarophat, Tek SupahLatin, Umang, EneeOne, Apani B, John Robinson, Leaf Erickson
Producers: Dave Sparkz, Loophole, Ben Hedibi, Da Beatminerz, Lafayette Ave, Orange Field, Vanderslice and Green Steez, Top-Cat, SciFi Stu, Astro Vandalist, Yoga Flame Kane
Format: mp3
Quality: V0 Kbps
Duration: 00:51:45
Size: 97 mb

01. Sideways (ft. King RA) (cuts) Chinch 33 [prod. Loophole]
02. Finger Pop (ft. Wildelux) (cuts) Chinch 33 [prod. Ben Hedibi]
03. Word Born (ft. Aarophat) [prod. Da Beatminerz]
04. At A Loss [prod. Lafayette Ave]
05. Serial Killers (ft. Tek SupahLatin, Umang, EneeOne, Wildelux, Aarophat) [prod. Orange Field]
06. Say it's Hardcore [prod. Vanderslice and Green Steez]
07. Sold (ft. King RA) (cuts) Chinch 33 [prod. Dave Sparkz]
08. Explain (cuts) Chinch 33 [prod. Top-Cat]
09. Story 2 Tell (cuts) Chinch 33 [prod. Vanderslice and Green Steez]
10. The Knock (ft. Apani B, John Robinson, (cuts) Chinch 33) [prod. SciFi Stu]
11. Road to Perdition (cuts) Chinch 33 [prod. Astro Vandalist]
12. Of Love [prod. Da Beatminerz]
13. Domestication [prod. Yoga Flame Kane]
14. The Gathering (ft. John Robinson, Leaf Erickson) [prod. Dave Sparkz]
15. Jays Outro 
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