4th Assassin - Anthology

Name: 4th Assassin - Anthology
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2013
Producers: 4th Assassin
Label: Grindhouse Music
Guests: Big O,Ultra Magnus, INF, Absoulut Karnage, Alex, Capo, Skrewtape, Thirsten Howl III, Twylight, Crisis, Tha Soloist, Godilla, Faez One, Lordwillin, Rec Raw, Pryme Prolifik, Tre L, Alex Sosa, War Generalz, Tone Liv, Axl J. Foley, Vas, Burke the Jurke, Rich Quick, INF
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 178 Мb
Duration: 01:17:35

01. 4th Assassin - Violent Ends (Ft. Big O,Ultra Magnus, INF, Absoulut Karnage, & Alex
02. Capo - Higher Than Ever
03. Skrewtape - Tequila Sunrise (Ft. Thirsten Howl III, Twylight)
04. Lordwillin - Killer Raw Shit
05. Absoulut Karnage - Kookin wit Karnage
06. Crisis - The Cycle (Ft. Rec Raw & Sahm)
07. Big O - Blue Collar Rap
08. Tha Soloist - Royale with Cheese
09. 4th Assassin - The Game (Ft. Godilla and Faez One) (Cutz by DJ TMB)
10. Lordwillin - The Richest Rags
11. Rec Raw - Rubber Grip Rap
12. 4th Assassin - New Jeruz Streets (Ft. Pryme Prolifik & Tre L)
13. Absoulut Karnage - In Due Time
14. Big O - Pot Hole Poetry
15. Alex Sosa - Act Like You Know (Cutz by DJ Madhandz)
16. War Generalz - Table Of Elements
17. Tone Liv - Good Times Roll (Ft. Axl J. Foley)
18. Capo - Butterface (Ft. Vas,Burke the Jurke & Rich Quick)
19. Absoulut Karnage - 64 Bars of Karnage
20. Lordwillin - The Last of A Dying Breed
21. 4th Assassin - Reservoir Dogs (Ft. Faez One, Pryme Prolifik, Absoulut Karnage, Big O, Tha Soloist,INF) (Cutz by DJ Madhandz)
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