Atari Blitzkrieg - Kick, Punch, Fight, Rhyme

Name: Atari Blitzkrieg - Kick, Punch, Fight, Rhyme
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2009
Format: mp3
Quality: VBR V2
Size: 116 Mb
Duration: 01:18:52

01. Welcome to the Now
02. Today’s Horror Show
03. Third Finger Salute
04. Subconscious Tales of Dream Kids in Utero/Kill Everybody
05. The Cry From Within (Feat. Vast Aire, Breez Evahflowin’, LMNO & Krohme)
06. It’s 12 O’Clock Do You Know Where Your God Is?
07. Hedcraktopen
08. Touch the Big Star
09. Profile: Julius Jackson/Amethyst
10. Wheres Your Eye (Feat. Akrobatik & Existereo)
11. Knock Knock Bastard Face (Feat. Louis Logic & Roc C)
12. I’m the Awesomest My Friends
13. Swhyneflew/The Voices In My Head
14. WTF!!!
15. Blood Coffee (Feat. Moka Only)/Blood Pudding
16. Sunday Mourning
17. Faithful Visionaries
18. The Central Parking Lot Rangers (Feat. Vast Aire)
19. Ragnarok (Feat. Mike McTernan of Damnation A.D.)
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