Dragonmane - Live From The Pits

Name: Dragonmane - Live From The Pits
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2014
Format: mp3
Quality: V0 Kbps
Size: 228 Mb
Duration: 01:38:11

01.Funked Out 1977 (Prod. Smoke A Sac)
02.Amazing Murder (Prod. Pyrvmxdz)
03.Alize (Prod. Mr. Sisco)
04.Dump The Body (Prod. Baker Phonk)
05.Left For Dead (Prod. Dabbo & Fructuoso)
06.Death Storm (Prod. Occvlt)
07.Evil Thoughts (Prod. Dylan Ross)
08.Murder Dreams '1986 (Prod. Robust Appliances)
09.Scopin Out A Busta (Prod. Baker Phonk)
10.Angel Falls (Prod. RѦMSXY)
11.Tag On The Toe (Prod. Dabbo)
12.Creep Up (Prod. Kodyak)
13.9 To Ya Dome (Prod. Robust Appliances)
14.Bon Fires (Gen$hin)
15.1987 Creepsta (Prod. Jayyeah)
16.Fuck Wit Me (Prod. Kodyak)
17.Buck Em All (Prod. Dabbo)
18.Black Witch Burn (Prod. Kodyak)
19.Do I Hate Yuh (Prod. Smoke A Sac)
20.1966 Satanic Mix (Prod. Kodyak)
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