Epidemic - Third Exposure: Quarantine Edition

Name: Epidemic - Third Exposure: Quarantine Edition
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2014
Format: MP3
Quality: VBR
Size: 155 mb

01.Under the sun (prologue) [prod. by puertoroc]
02.It aint a dream
03.The morning (feat. Black Dada and Redd Eyezz)
04.Lose my count (feat. Black Dada)
05.The quarantine [prod. by don cannon]
06.Goepidemic.com 2014 (freestyle)
07.Feelin myself (feat. Novaking)
08.Circles (freestyle)
09.Marty mcfly (feat. Novaking and Spaceship P)
10.Coolio iglesias [prod. by draydel]
11.Cloverfield (freestyle)
12.Learn you (feat. Novaking) [prod. by writesounds]
13.3rd exposure (interlude) [prod. by writesounds]
14.The vatican (freestyle)
15.The moment [prod. by writesounds]
16.In my life
17.My condolences (freestyle)
18.What if im wrong (feat. Black Dada) [prod. by los]
20.Scar tissue regeneration [prod. by writesounds]
21.Devil in a new dress (freestyle)
22.April 1st (feat. Novaking) [prod. by jusamelody]
23.Max (feat. Kylie Marcus) [prod. by btron and epidemic]
24.Beautiful goodbye (epilogue) [prod. by puertoroc]
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